Robert Vanderhorst – Artist

Robert Vanderhorst is a Canadian surrealist artist, based in Toronto, Ontario.

He is a self-taught artist with a technique influenced of a strong Dutch tradition in art. He emigrated from the Netherlands to Canada in 1951.

In 1979, he began publishing limited edition lithographs of his images under Vanderhorst Graphics. His often focuses on aviation, wooden boats, and Muskoka and Northern Ontario.

In 1973, Vanderhorst held his first solo exhibition in Toronto. In 1979, he was awarded a Canada Council arts grant for the creation of new works. Over the next three decades, Vanderhorst’s imagery would be used in many diverse ways ranging from aviation book covers and illustrations in psychology journals to record jacket designs for Nash the Slash and FM.

Vanderhorst was one of over a dozen artists to be awarded a commission by the Greater Toronto Airports Authority to create an original painting for the new Pearson International Airport. The painting, The Jetliner, depicts the world’s first short range jet transport, designed and built in Malton, Ontario by Avro Canada. He has also painted Canada’s most famous aircraft, the Avro Arrow. The painting was acquired by the Canada Aviation Museum in Ottawa, and is now part of their permanent art collection.


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